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Skystorm Launches HD Mobile Production Truck

Broadcasting with HD production truckSkystorm is pleased to announce the launch of an all high-definition, mobile live switch production truck complete with high-end, HD Varicam cameras. This is significant because we are now able to offer our clients, media companies and other video production companies an HD mobile truck for the price of a standard definition truck rental which represents a significant savings. In addition to shooting and broadcasting a live event, we can also simultaneously push streaming video to the Web that can be viewed "live" or on-demand. The Skystorm crew just returned from a busy week in St. Louis, Missiouri where we debuted the HD mobile production truck at a "live" event shooting in HD for an upcoming broadcast on GodTV with 160 million connected households worldwide while streaming the event "live" using the Adobe Flash Media Server 3.5. Our client Jeffrey Levinson from GodTV said, "Watching our live event full-screen and in high-definition was amazing and enables us to reach a wider audience."

If you are looking for an HD mobile production truck for an upcoming event give us a call at 1-800-783-8508. Our 18 foot mobile truck has 3 HD flypacks built inside that are removable for added flexibility. For a complete listing of what is included visit

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