Casting Calls & Auditions

Make or Break: Talent Can Determine the Outcome of a Project

Casting the right talent for use in a video production can make or break a video. The actor is literally the “face” of the message and can often determine the success of the project. Age, gender and race are a start, but so much more needs to be considered demographically in how an actor conveys your company’s message to your intended audience. More

Skystorm Auditions Talent for Infomercial

Today, the Skystorm creative team is holding auditions for an upcoming infomercial for a debt relief organization. Over 150 actors responded to the casting call which improves our chances of finding the ideal actor to suit our client's needs. When it comes to on-camera talent for infomercials, we go the extra mile to make sure that we find the right talent that can sell the product effectively and build trust quickly with the viewer. More