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Skystorm Broadcasts LIVE from San Francisco

Shooting in San FranciscoWe just got back from California where Skystorm was hired to film and broadcast a live event downtown San Francisco outside City Hall. It was a beautiful location. Our client broadcasts to over 20 million viewers here in the US and had just increased their coverage in San Francisco with the recent addition of 1 million ComCast viewers so they wanted to reach out to these new viewers with a local live event.

Using Google Earth the producer was able to scout the location online and determine the best location for the production truck. Check it out for yourself here. In this case, it was critical that when broadcasting via satellite uplink that we had a clear shot at the Southern sky so we could hit the satellite. The producer was even able to use Google Earth to count the parking spots needed for the production truck, satellite truck and generator. This saved our client the added expense of plane tickets and a whole day of scouting a location in advance. At the end of the day, the actual broadcast went off without a hitch and the client was extremely pleased.

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